Fashion & Philosophy

Fashion & Philosophy


Fashion is related to many areas of interests, such as clothing, identity, psychology, art, philosophy and etc.
Philosophy is the background of everything going on now and forever. “knowing thyself” is philosophy, and fashion is a way of expressing the inner beliefs and emotions. Since the 1970s, many philosophers and thinkers have stretched their attention towards fashion as a concept. Here are some philosophical perspectives of fashion:

“The whole external universe and what it holds is but clothing, and the essence of all science lies in the philosophy of clothes”– Thomas Carlyle.

“every new fashion is a refusal to inherit, a subversion against the oppression of the preceding fashion; Fashion experiences itself as a right, the natural right of the present over the past”– Roland Barthers.

“Fashion is the eternal recurrence of the new”– Walter Benjamin.

“Fashion regulates only those things that could just as easily have been completely different. Fashion, then, should be seen as something completely random without any deeper grounding- a groundless surface”– Hans Georg Gadamer

“It is folly to resist fashion”– Hegel.

“It is always better to be a fool in fashion than a fool out of fashion”– Kant.

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